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CAPPA Certified Lactation Educator 

Esther March-Singleton instructs the CAPPA 20 Hour Lactation Educator Course™ to nursing staff, home visitation liaisons, WIC peer counselors and other key staffmembers. Esther has over 25 years of experience in the nursing and lactation field. She has developed, maintained, and supported numerous.


RN - Register Nurse, BHA – Bachelors Health Care Administration,

BSN - Bachelors of Nursing Science, MBA – Master in Business Administration, IBCLC – International Board Certified Lactation Consultant,

LCCE – Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator,

CLET- Certified Lactation Educator Trainer



• CAPPA Lactation Educator Trainer 
• Florida Breastfeeding Coalition Board Member 
• Florida Lactation Association
• Florida Breastfeeding Coalition Board Member 
• Business Case for Breastfeeding Regional Coordinator 

• Florida WIC Association Breastfeeding Association 
• Loving Support Peer Counselor Program Regional Trainer 
• AWHONN - Association of Women's Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses

US Surgeon General, Admiral Boris D. Lushniak, MD & Esther M. Singleton

Meet the Instructor

The CAPPA Certified Lactation Educator


CAPPA Certified Lactation Educators™ fill an important role in educating, counseling, and supporting families and the community by providing evidence based information about lactation and breastfeeding. Lactation Educators work with families from preconception through the stage of weaning offering education, encouragement, counseling, an experienced point of view, and fostering confidence, and a commitment to breastfeeding. 


The three-day intensive lactation training fulfills the Baby Friendly and Core Competencies requirements.  It is a wonderful refresher course and a valuable training for anyone working with moms and babies.  Nurses often take the course to gain lactation knowledge or add to their resume in the highly competitive field. The three-day training alone provides an excellent overview of lactation and completes the training for a Lactation Educator.  


CAPPA Membership & Certification


In order to become Certified, students must complete CAPPA Academy. CAPPA Academy tuition may be made to the CAPPA Store ($175), after completing the CLE training. CAPPA membership ($55 annually) is recommended for course participation, and required for CLE™  Certification.  Membership may be purchased at time of registration, during the training or from the CAPPA store. 

The CLE three-day training fulfills the requirements for Peer Counselor Training, BFHI Lactation Hours, Core Competencies and Lactation Educator training, but in order to become a Certified Lactation Educator, students must also become a CAPPA member ($55 annual fee), enroll in CAPPA Academy ($175), complete HUG your baby ($30), complete the coursework and pass an online exam. 


For Complete Certification Requirements: 

Take the first major step and get the classroom up to date evidence-based information and skills and training. The CLE Course has been effectively used to train public health nurses, home visitation nurses, prenatal educators, WIC staff, Welcome Baby liaisons, peer counselors and other individuals in hospitals or community settings.


By taking the CAPPA Lactation Educator Course, the following has been satisfied:


  • Core Breastfeeding Competencies of the USBC

  • World Health Organization (WHO)

  • Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative's 20 hour course requirements

  • Welcome Baby Breastfeeding Education

  • Peer Counseling Lactation Education

  • CAPPA Certified Lactation Educator (course is a prerequisite for CAPPA Academy)



The more individuals, communities, and facilities that invest in recieving the latest best breastfeeding practices; the better our communites will become. Mother's need the affirmation that breastfeeding is the initial building block of their precious newborns life backed by the confirmation that it IS beneficial to both mom and baby.


Upon completion of the CAPPA Lactation Educator Course, you will recieve:

CAPPA Lactation Educator


Bonnie Dutton

Director, Women & Children Services





Northwest Medical Center


“Our nursing staff more equipped to service our patients with breastfeeding knowledge prenatally & at bedside for initiating exclusive breastfeeding in our care and beyond. Thanks Esther!”

Tina Gomez

Charge Nurse





HCA Hospitals of Broward County, FL


“Esther does a wonderful job providing our nursing

staff with the up to date breastfeeding information to satisfy our breastfeeding CEU’s. Thank you for all your help!”

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